Time to oneself

///Time to oneself

Time to oneself

In this hurried world, the only true luxury is time to oneself.

The peacefulness and tranquillity of Saragossa allows our guests the time to re-discover the age old secret.  The secret that lies in stillness, the time between exhaling and inhaling your next breath.  The moment when you can feel the promise in the wind on your skin, see the golden halo of the sun as it slowly sinks away behind the mountain.

It is in moments like these that we realise it is impossible to pour from an empty cup.

9 July - Time to oneself1

Nature teaches us that it is hopeless to provide, to be of service to anyone if one does not regenerate and take care of oneself.  At Saragossa we understand the importance of time.  Here you can explore and re-connect…

9 July - Time to oneself2

Nature also shows us how to live in harmony with all other living beings, how to grow rich in experiences, how there really is enough for everyone. Being happy, after all, is a very personal thing.  It really has nothing to do with anyone else!

I have been blessed, a dreamer whose cup has been filled here in the stillness and beauty that is Saragossa.


Time to oneself  by Anna Venter

July 2018

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