Night time at Saragossa

When the sky turns dark, people often think that the world takes a break from the daily hustle and bustle, but the darkness brings out a new kind of thrill and adventure.  Night time has its own wonders to offer.

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I do believe its time for another adventure

Activities Apart from fixing fences, maintaining roads and enjoying Saragossa’s peace and beauty, our Rangers thoroughly enjoy accompanying guests on our activities.     Game drives, the easiest way to get acquainted with the splendid Saragossa game reserve. The drive

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panoramic view over the mountains down to the Game Lodge, with aloes.

Winter at Saragossa

To many people the prospect of winter brings feelings of cold long nights and cold short days. But at Saragossa Game Reserve we welcome the coming winter with roaring fires and mugs of steaming hot drinks. Summer is known as

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A hand holding a rock with a pointy shape

The earth we stand on

Many people have wondered why certain plants only grow in certain areas and why certain animals are only found where certain plants grow. Everything is connected and dependant on something else. One major factor that humans are dependent on and

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A hand with a small fish lying over the fingers. The fish is green with darker stripes.

Fishing at Saragossa

“Give a man a fish and he will feed himself for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will spend most of his time at tackle shops or at the fishing waters”. Quote from a wife Fishing is

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Young fluffy bird with yellow chest

‘Tis the season

It is officially the Holiday Season, and for Christmas Mother Nature has given us the best gifts: baby birds, insects, baby animals, beautiful frogs and of course rain. Many creatures, whether it is impala or weevils or even cicadas, depend

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a white hand holding a weaver's nest made of dried plant material. The nest is oval and has a round opening.

Nesting at Saragossa

Everyone needs a home, whether it is for protection against the natural elements or to provide a safe haven for offspring. Insects with their normally small and sometimes very flexible bodies can creep into crevices, hide under bark or even

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Nature is art – Ranger’s blog

“Art is not seen it is appreciated”. Nature is the canvas, the artist, the tool and the product. Humans have been drawing, carving, painting and engraving since we started our time on earth. Some rock-art in Southern Africa is older

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