Another baby on the way!

///Another baby on the way!

Another baby on the way!

Fun facts about giraffes:

  1. Their black/blue tongues are 40+ cm long
  2. They sleep standing up
  3. They have the longest tail of all land mammals

A few days ago while out on a game drive, we noticed that one of our female giraffes are looking especially well-rounded around her tummy – she is indeed pregnant!

As Giraffes mate during the whole year we are not one hundred percent sure when the baby will  be born J

A Giraffes gestation period is 15 months, one of the longest in the animal kingdom. The female will give birth standing, so the little one has quite a rough start. But actually it needs that “head-first-drop” to encourage it to take its’ first breath and the new born doesn’t get hurt falling from roughly 2m.  Another interesting fact is that Giraffes mostly give birth in the same place they were born.

A new born baby giraffe will weigh about 100kg. Just imagine carrying such a weight with you for months!

We will definitely keep an Eye on her and will introduce the new baby to you once he/she has been born!

New baby 2

Another baby on the way!

By Saragossa Field Guides

October 2019

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