5 South African Specialities you have to try at Saragossa Game Reserve

///5 South African Specialities you have to try at Saragossa Game Reserve

5 South African Specialities you have to try at Saragossa Game Reserve

It’s no secret that a culinary feast is awaiting you at the Saragossa Game Reserve restaurant. But did you know our delicious, sustainable and organic farm-to-table cuisine is also packed full of South African favourites? Experience a true taste of South Africa with each bite of these delectable dishes!

1. Tomato Bredie and Pap

Winter just wouldn’t be winter without a warming dish of ‘tamatiebredie’. Think a succulent, tomato-heavy stew made (traditionally) with mutton. It’s the king of the slow-cooked dishes, cooked until the meat falls apart in your mouth, and fragrantly seasoned with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and cloves with just a touch of chilli. It’s paired up with another South African staple, pap. This finely crushed maize meal ‘porridge’ is cooked with love in households across South Africa, a true daily staple and a perfect complement to the rich bredie.


Bobotie is a little difficult to describe if you’ve never had it before- so that’s just another excuse to grab some the next time you visit! It’s something like a lasagne without pasta, and a little like a pie without a crust- but what it’s a lot of is utterly delicious. Stiff layers of spiced mincemeat pile up delectably under a scrumptious savoury egg custard ‘lid’ for a divine match made in heaven.

3. Cape Malay Curry

Cape Malay cuisine is famous for its fragrant blend of spices, rich taste, and creative blend of South African and Malaysian/Indian flavours. This heady, yet gentle, curry is the perfect way to warm up this winter and will leave you feeling great.

4. Malva Pudding

No list of South African favourites would be complete without something a little sweet! Malva Pudding is a true South African favourite. Picture an ‘upside down’ tart packed with caramelised apricot and a light, fluffy sponge. Now add a tasty cream sauce added while it’s piping hot and top off with some custard or ice cream. Heavenly, right?

5. Melktert

Another classic South African pudding, you can’t go wrong with a little melktert in your life! A creamy, sweet set milk custard is packed into a sweet, crumbly pastry and topped off with just a dusting of cinnamon. It’s a perfect way to round off any meal, and absolutely fabulous with coffee (or something a little stiffer if you prefer)!

While they may leave your belt groaning, you’re sure to love any of these delectable dishes. Experience some of the very best of South African cuisines with these tasty dishes, made fresh (and with extra helpings of love) at the Saragossa Game Reserve restaurant.