Does sustainable travel really matter in 2019?




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Sustainable travel. It sounds like one of those ‘green movement’ trends we’d all be better off ignoring, doesn’t it? Perhaps a shallow Instagram trend that will die off shortly. Yet sustainable travel matters. It’s truly one of the most important ‘trends’ in travel there ever will be. Saragossa Game Reserve is here today to untangle the messy strands or ‘being green’, ‘eco-lodges’ and ‘responsible tourism’. Together we will help you weave a full picture of what sustainable tourism really means for you.

What even is sustainable travel?

It sounds like a buzzword… but what does it really mean? There are three important strands to the ‘sustainable tourism’ concept.

1)Preserving nature: It’s key that your visit to your destination supports the environment and sustains the flora and fauna for future generations

2) Helping mankind: It’s also important that your tourist activities economically the local, indigenous peoples of the area, creating an incentive to preserve the area.

3) Supporting society: Lastly, your visit should ensure that social growth results from your visit, uplifting and creating a better future for all.

Sustainable travel seeks to offset the effects of things like climate destruction, climate change, animal exploitation and the disappearance of species, and poverty. These issues, sady, are endemic in some of the most beautiful areas of the world. Together, however, we can make a difference.

What does sustainable travel mean for me?

Those heavy, downer subjects are hardly what you want to clog up your holiday with, of course. Fortunately, you don’t really have to, either! It’s simply a matter of giving a little thought to how your love of travel balances with the needs of the planet. Does your travel provider use sustainable practices? What little changes can you make to help. For example:

  • Planes are a huge producer of carbon emissions. Obviously, they’re pretty unavoidable in most travel, too. But you can offset some of the issues by ensuring the length of your stay balances the time it takes you to get there. Who doesn’t love more time on holiday, anyway?
  • Rubbish is creating massive environmental impacts. Who hasn’t seen the troubling pictures of wildlife consuming plastic? By simply making sure all of your waste hits the bin on your trip, you’re making a tangible difference to the environment.
  • One-time use culture can be as troubling. Rather than buying that single-use bottle, could you use a reusable flask?
  • Is your accommodation eco-friendly? The term eco-lodge sounds scary, something only luxury travellers can afford. Environmentally friendly accommodation abounds, however. Look for restaurants (like our own) that showcase local ingredients, and watch out for sustainable designs and practices.

Sustainable travel will be a key feature of 2019- are you ready to jump on board? We at Saragossa Game Reserve already offer, and encourage, eco-friendly practices that help build the local community investment in a sustainable future. Why not visit us today, and take a peek at the sustainable future of tourism for yourself?