Pomegranate Juice




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The heart-healthy juice you didn’t know Saragossa grew

Did you know that one of the keys to a healthy heart could be hanging around the back of your fridge, forgotten? Serious scientific data has found that humble pomegranate juice may be the drink of choice in fighting poor cardiovascular health. Even more excitingly, here at Saragossa Game Reserve, we grow are own pomegranates! Here’s what you need to know about this exciting development.

No longer hard of heart

The heart-healthy effects of pomegranate juice start by soothing your arteries. Stressed blood vessels, such as those exposed to chronic high blood pressure, show less damage when exposed to pomegranate juice. That’s not all, however. It was also found to help ward off the notorious hardening of the arteries that occurs when excessive cholesterol is found in the blood. Not only did it help address existing plaques, but also to help slow down the formation of new ones. These two factors combined are the leading cause of heart disease, and even heart attacks, worldwide.

Is pomegranate better than other juices for the heart?

Of course, scientists weren’t looking only at the humble pomegranate. It definitely came out tops of the tests, however. The potent blend of antioxidants in the juice combined with its nitric oxide content form these magnificent heart-healthy benefits. It beat out orange, cranberry, blueberry and even red wine for the title! While all antioxidant-rich drinks can help, pomegranate is definitely best of the bunch.

Why does Saragossa grow pomegranates?

As you know, Saragossa is dedicated to offering a delectable farm-to-table taste experience for all our guests. Pomegranates are not native to South Africa, but they aren’t classed as an invasive species either. In fact, these trees work synergistically with the environment, helping to feed local wildlife and offer an alternative food supply. Their drought-tolerant nature (and tasty fruit) allows them to slip into the African biome perfectly. They’re just yet another tasty, heart-and-environmentally friendly homegrown fruit we’re happy to offer.

Now you know the secret of the pomegranate. Why sip this heart-boosting beverage from a carton while you’re stuck in the daily grind? Here at Saragossa Game Reserve, we’re proud to grow our very own pomegranates. This labour of love can be tasted directly from our delicious offerings at the Saragossa Restaurant. Sit back, enjoy  a glass and watch the wildlife gather in front of the lodge  as you feel relaxation envelope you. Soaking in the ambience, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that everything- including the fresh-squeezed fruit juice- is helping keep you healthy, happy and fighting fit, Saragossa-style!