Your perfect winter getaway awaits you




Good to be home again afyer the WTM!

Nestled in the scenic Elands Valley here in glorious Waterval Boven, winter is just as exciting a season as summer for Saragossa Game Reserve. While our hard-working farm ensures a delicious range of seasonal veggies hit the table year-round, the climate is also perfect for a gorgeous winter getaway. Whether you’re a South African wanting the perfect place to hibernate a little, or an international visitor wondering what’s happening this season fun for the whole family.

Is the game viewing good in Waterval Boven in winter?

It’s one of South Africa’s best-kept secrets that safaris are even better in winter. With the seasonal die-back in the vegetation, it’s easier to spot all the glorious goings-on of the bush. You’ll be better placed to take the perfect picture for Instagram (and to share with the folks back home). You’ll also have a better chance of making some truly dramatic sightings.

Winter is also the dry season throughout most of South Africa. Here in Waterval Boven, we see very little rain indeed between May and August. This means that water pressures come to play in the animal kingdom. You’ll find animals thronging to existing steady water sources- making the perfect opportunity for game drives on the reserve.

Of course, the cooler weather benefits you too, making game drives much more pleasant, and your temperature easier to manage than during the roasting summer highs.

What else is there to do in Waterval Boven in winter?

While the rich wildlife experience alone is enough to make Saragossa a fantastic winter South African travel destination, there’s plenty more to keep you occupied too. Rock climbing, a favourite local attraction, is best undertaken in the winter season. Without the threat of rain, you can enjoy the experience without concerns about slipping or discomfort. This also makes the local horseback trails and exploring the Panorama Route more pleasant, too.

If ever there was a time to hit the golf course, this is it. While we still advise sunblock, you’ll be able to concentrate on your tee-offs and not the roaring sun. The redolent history of the area is open for you to explore, and the Sudwala Caves make for a thrilling day’s exploration.

Is the Saragossa restaurant open in winter?

Of course! A key part of our food philosophy at the Saragossa Restaurant is offering a fresh, organically grown farm-to-table experience year-round. Come sample the delectable goodies on offer- all seasonal and sourced locally, with most of it grown on our very own farm.

Saragossa Game Reserve is the perfect winter South African travel destination. Come explore the beauties of Waterval Boven in a clement, cool season that only makes the wildlife experience more exciting. We’re looking forward to meeting you!