Make a difference in the world



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Make a difference in the world, plant a tree at Saragossa


Make the most of your time in Africa, and plant some roots! We offer a very special add-on activity for visitors to Saragossa Game Reserve, one that is literally a gift that will keep on giving even as your time with us becomes a fond memory.

Plant a tree? Does that matter?

Nature conservancy is a critical part of the Saragossa team’s mission. A key part of that lies not only in the maintenance of our gorgeous natural African habitat, but also in the rehabilitation and preservation of our flora and fauna. Trees may not be the first thing you think of when you dream of Africa, but our indigenous trees are a cornerstone of life in the bush.

From the tallest giraffe stretching for the top leaves to nibble, to the fascinating insects that burrow in the bark, a tree is a living, breathing ecosystem all of its own. They offer food security, protect the landscape and boost biodiversity. In a carefully managed environment like the reserve, every single tree is a critical part of keeping the environment pristine and appropriate for the wildlife that calls the reserve home.

Plant a tree with Saragossa Game Reserve today

That’s where you come in.You will plant your own tree (complete with name tag), a gift which will grow stronger year after year and become a unique way to express your feelings about this special corner of Africa. Leave your very own green footprint on the African continent, and help us keep the gorgeous environment you enjoyed thriving for generations to come. What better way to celebrate your next visit to the reserve, then popping out to admire the fruits of your labour and how it’s becoming a key part of the natural world around it?

Add some fun and vibrancy to your trip to Saragossa Game Reserve, and help us craft a better world for the future too. Give mother nature a hand, and plant a tree today.