Food Philosophy

Our Food Philosophy

Respecting ourselves, our land and our resources are one of the steps we take each day to live well and to integrate our philosophy in our daily lives. That’s why the quality of our food is so important to us. We want to know what we eat and where it came from. Food and the way we eat it have a great effect on our well-being. At Saragossa, we think it’s important to enjoy our meals, to eat slowly and in good company (or comfortable privacy, whichever you prefer).

We produce fresh and organically home-grown ingredients for our meals: vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs and soon also dairy products. Other ingredients come from local farms and businesses.
We keep our sheep, pigs, cattle, poultry, rabbits, fowls and venison free-range and appropriate to the species.

Enjoy our range of fresh herbs (basil, lemongrass and thyme for example), avocados, mangos and nuts from our trees, crispy lettuce from the greenhouses. We put lots of thought into the creation of our dishes, and it’s all about diversity to us. We aim to make every meal an experience and a feast.

At all our properties breakfast is special and prepared with love and attention to detail. If staying at the self-catering units you can order breakfast baskets and braai boxes. Picnic baskets are available on request with an assortment of snacks for excursions or walks.

The Game Lodge and Manor House being luxury accommodation pride themselves with exquisite breakfasts, delicious lunches, opulent high teas and gourmet dining.