Disconnecting to Reconnect: why it’s important to switch off and unwind a little



With the December holiday period fast approaching, we at Saragossa Game Reserve can guarantee one thing- you’re feeling stressed and over-stretched after a difficult year. And even though the festive season brings us some of the very best things in the world- our precious family celebrating together, scrumptious food, a chance to sit back and evaluate the year that’s passed and make exciting plans for the one coming- it even brings its own strains too. The need to meet those last quotas at work. The long grind to even get to your annual leave. The need to out-do the Kumalos next door, pressure for more and better gifts from children… the list goes on. One thing doesn’t need to, however- and that’s your connection stress.

Not sure what we mean? Wait a minute and you’ll hear it! That insistent little ping, trill or tinkle from your pocket. Our phones have become a lifeline- book, calculator, internet browser and so much more all rolled into one- but they’ve also become a stress-inducing menace due to our constant state of connection. We’re never just free to be without someone else able to chip in and demand immediate action. We may be surrounded by instant access to loved ones, but do we really feel close to them anymore?
Except at Saragossa, that is. In this little oasis of calm tucked into the Waterval Boven hills, it’s time for you to re-embrace what disconnection really means, and it’s not deprivation! Our Twin Thorns Guest House nestles on the Southwest border of the reserve, beckoning tired families to come and play, relax and rediscover each other. If you feel like you only ever exchange sniping messages about toilet paper and who’s turn it is to walk the dog with your spouse, your younger child holds the mystery to every electronic gadget ever despite barely being able to toddle, and you’re not even sure if your teenagers are still alive in their room, then this is the place you need to be.

Turning off your phone and just being sounds impossible in your real life- you know how much you’ll miss! Here, however, with rolling grassland surrounding you and tranquillity in every corner, nothing could be easier than hitting that ‘off’ key. Your phone will run flat and you won’t even notice! With all the charm of the original 1920s farmstead to enjoy, a crackling fireplace for rainy nights, a well stocked wine cellar and a beautiful veranda to claim your spot on, you’ll feel just fine trading the instant ‘connection-lite’ of your phone to enjoy a much deeper one with those you love the most. Rediscover your family and who they really are, shorn of the stress of daily life. You’ll feel the knock-on effects in your body and mind, too. Lose that little ball of stress that has you on edge every time the phone chimes. Let your brain slowly relax and rejuvenate in the gorgeous surroundings.  Here, the sun will be your breakfast cue, the pool your afternoon client and a luxurious, unwinding massage your only appointment- and your body and mind will feel all the better for it.

Let Saragossa Game Reserve and Twin Thorns Guesthouse show you the true beauty of Africa, and the real meaning of bliss in this magical place.