Celebrate Easter Saragossa style with these succulent hot cross buns




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Are you looking for something a little special to add to your Easter table? Why not try your hand at your very own hot cross buns? With this simple, perfect-every-time recipe straight from the Saragossa Game Reserve kitchen, you’re sure to have a hit on your hands.

What will I need to make my own hot cross buns?

Don’t worry if you’re not a natural-born baker- we’ve got your back all the way. The secret starts with a great set of ingredients, so add these simple staples to your shopping cart.

For the buns:

  • 675g self-raising flour
    •       1 tsp salt
    •       1 tsp ground cinnamon or ground ginger
    •       1 tsp nutmeg
    •       60ml brown sugar
    •       80ml mixed fruit peel
    •       60ml seedless raisins
    •       8ml dry instant yeast
    •       1 cup warm milk
    •       100g soft butter
    •       2 large eggs

For the crosses:

  • 125ml self-raising flour
    •       1 tbsp butter
    •       1 ml baking powder
    •       125ml milk

For the glaze (it wouldn’t be Easter without that indulgent glaze)

  • 125ml sugar
    •       1 cup boiling water

How do I make my Easter hot cross buns?

The shopping list may look a little intimidating, but don’t worry- it’s a lot easier then you may think. We’re going to start with the buns. Simply mix all the dry ingredients but the yeast together, slowly stirring in the peel and raisins too. When you have a uniform mix, grab a separate jug and whisk together the wet ingredients. Add the yeast to the wet mix.

Now it’s time to combine the two. Make a hole or ‘well’ in the centre of your dry ingredients and add the mix to this slowly. Stir together well until you have a soft dough. Spread a thin layer of flour on your counter or preparation surface, and tip out the dough ball. Knead it gently until it is soft and elastic- it will usually need 10 minutes of work. Set it back in the bowl and leave it to rise. It should just about double in size.

When it’s done, knock the dough back and split into 16 balls. Lay these on a greased baking tray. Make sure to leave enough space (we advise at least 2cm) for the buns to expand, as they will rise to double the size again. Leave them in a warm spot to get on with this process.

Fashioning the crosses

The hard part is now over, so don’t worry! All you need to do is mix the ingredients for the crosses together with just enough water to form a slightly runny paste. Spoon it into your piping bag, and pipe out thin crosses onto the buns. If you don’t own a piping bag, don’t worry- a Ziploc with the corner snipped off will get the job done.

Now the buns have their crosses, you can bake them at 180 degrees Celcius for 20-25 minutes, or until they are cooked through and golden brown. Turn the oven off when you take the buns out. All that’s left is to whisk together the glaze ingredients and brush it onto the hot buns. Pop them back in the still-warm oven for 5 minutes to set the glaze, then allow them to cool on a wire rack.

While baking can sometimes seem intimidating, the Saragossa Game Reserve family believes everyone should give it a whirl. With this foolproof hot cross bun recipe at your back, you’ll be able to present the family with a scintillating Easter treat.