Can you live out of your own garden? Saragossa’s 4 top tips for your home veggie plot




Can you feed your family on the produce of just 2m of your back garden? Saragossa Game Reserve says yes! Growing your own veggies at home really isn’t all that hard… and with these top tips from the pen of our very own farmer, Caroline, you’ll soon be well on the way to making a success of it.

1.  Know what you can do

Look into what will successfully grow in your area. Not every crop is ideally suited to every climate, and you’ll need to factor in your soil type, rainfall zone (or irrigation capabilities) and available space too. Once you have a good idea of what crops work for your area, you’ll be well on the way to making your organic dream a reality.

2. Understand your land

All solid dreams start with a plan. Work out what space you have available, and match the crops you’ve researched to what you have. Be sure to note things like duration of sun and shade in the area, as well as the drainage and general lay of the land.

3. Brush up on the science

Growing your own food isn’t just about planting and waiting for it to grow. You need to get to grips with the growing season and how it will impact your endeavours. Plan your produce seasonally so you can get the very best out of every crop you try. Now it’s time to get a solid plan in place:

  • Mark out the area you want to plant in, break the ground, and plan where each plant will grow best
  • Place your seeds in the furrows you have prepared, making sure to pay attention to the planting depth for each crop you intend to grow
  • Work out how much of each seed (or seedling) you’ll need
  • Have a care plan in place, including pest management, weeding, watering and generally caring for your veggie patch. Plan to spend a little time each day in your veggie patch.
  • Know when the right time to harvest each crop is.

4. Take it in stages

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the new info you have. Don’t start a large project all at once, but plan out some ‘trial plantings’ to get a sense of how well each crop works with your lifestyle and land. You can always add more plants later, after all.

With a solid plan at hand, implementing your dream of home-grown produce will be far easier. Be creative, travel the world with your veggies, and have lots of fun enjoying the bounty you have grown. Saragossa Game Reserve looks forward to hearing about the fruits of your labour!