Bubbles for the New Year!



“Come Quickly,

I am tasting the stars!”

Dom Perignon

There’s always something to celebrate and therefore always a good reason to drink champagne! The Bubbles, to me, represent sophistication, elegance, luxury and true happiness… Everything that we at Saragossa associate ourselves with! One of my current favourites is Pongracz. Then there is Veuve Cliquot Ponsarding, a great champagne… reserve this one for a special occasion, preferably somewhere in Africa on an open plain surrounded by those you hold dear.  And of course it has to be under a starlit sky for as far as I am concerned; the Milky Way in South Africa is one of the most spectacular wonders to feast your eyes on and the perfect match for a cold glass of bubbly.

As one year bows out, another dawns and my wish is that this festive season at Saragossa will be a time for reflection for all of us, a time to show kindness, to find stillness and utter joy in the small things. A time spent with family and friends, a true celebration of the treasured bonds we share.

I wish all of you a 2019 overflowing with Peace, Love & Laughter  – and look forward to all the wonderful things we will be celebrating together in the New Year!

Bubbles for the New Year by Anna Venter

December 2018