Bring a little spring into your life- sample some succulent floral delights



As you know, we at Saragossa Game Reserve delight in bringing you succulent treats that tempt your taste buds to explore more of the beautiful land around us. We make it our mission to ensure you get to taste some of the very best recipes, using scintillating ingredients that mesh the very best of freshness, diversity and gourmet dining for a truly unique taste of Africa. With that in mind- and the beautiful floral scents of spring hanging richly in the air around us- we thought we’d tantalize you with an unusual- yet special- little treat you can make at home too. Take a little bit of Saragossa home with you, and try this heady Jasmine syrup on for size.

The Jasmine plant can be found all across South Africa, where it has flourished heartily despite not being a native plant. Its heady blossoming aroma is one of the first scents of spring here in South Africa, and it’s enough to lift even the most jaded soul- which is why we are celebrating it with you today. Jasmine is found all around the world so this quick and fool proof recipe will allow you to recreate your experiences under the African stars no matter where you call home.

All you need is equal parts jasmine flowers [washed and carefully examined in case any local insect life has come along for the ride] and twice as much filtered, clean water. Gently bring the water to a boil, then slowly add 200gr of sugar, stirring regularly. When it has all dissolved, turn off the heat and add the flowers. Allow the mix to steep for about 3 hours, then strain over a sieve pour into a bottle. This fragrant syrup makes the perfect accompaniment to rich vanilla ice cream or gelato, warm and cold teas, baked goods, and anywhere else you want to add a little touch of something special.

Africa has a wealth of edible flowers, both indigenous and exotic, and they each have something unique to bring to the table. Toss them in salads for some pepper and colour, candy them as a delicate surprise on your baked goods, make refreshing teas and spice up cocktails, or enjoy them in a wealth of savoury dishes- but don’t deny your taste buds this explosive dining experience. If you’d like to know more about the floral abundance around Waterval Boven- and what’s safe to sample- be sure to chat to our restaurant and fine dining team here at Saragossa Game Reserve. We’re happy to share our passion!

Jasmine at Saragossa